We are an online business focused on providing hygiene products to keep you safe and protected.

Based in Castro Valley, North Carolina, we provide quality sanitizers and related products for you and ship worldwide. At Round Peal, we care about your health. Our business is based on the idea and focus that everyone deserves to have access to quality sanitization products, especially with the current global pandemic.

Our philosophy is simple: take hygiene with you as you move around outside your home.

We want germs to stay away from you whenever you head outside to have a secure trip. With our hand sanitizer, face masks, plastic face shields, and foot mat sanitizers, we aim to protect the community the best way we can. Our focus is to provide a larger customer base who could get hygiene products without worrying about paying an arm and a leg and getting the quality that they deserve.

We promise always to stay true to our purpose and continue protecting the community the best way we can.