Sneeze Guard Nail Salons Manicure, Acrylic W/Base 24x24H


Sneeze Guard Nail Salons Manicure, Acrylic W/Base 24x24H – Includes: 1 clear acrylic shield for counter surfaces, checkout stands plus moreWeighs: 6.88 lbsMeasures: 24 x24 inchesCutout: 8H X 16WThickness: ⅛ inch OUR UNITS ARE LEGS ARE BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION USES SMALL LEGS WHICH CAUSE THE UNITS TO FALL OVER AND CRACK OR NOT BE ABLE TO USE THEM FROM THE FLIMSINESS.

We engineer the legs to not let the unit fall over. so you may use the sneeze guard ACTUALLY WHILE THE COMPETITIONS UNITS MOVES ALL OVER THE COUNTER WHEN IN USE. When To Use A Portable Manicure Table Sneeze Guard Add a clear physical barrier to tabletops, desks and counters to help reduce the transmission of germs & diseases. Many nail salons, beauty parlors, spas, and doctor’s offices have work desks or counters where employees perform manicures on customers and clients. Use a plastic divider shield or sneeze guard at these locations to help stop the spread of diseases transmitted through coughs and sneezes. Protect employees and your customers by using a washable clear divider that creates a physical separation and helps maintain social distancing.

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