Transparent Anti-fog Face Mask


Details: Introducing the World’s First Premium Transparent sanitary Mask. Designed for your protection and comfort. It is widely used by Food Handlers, Permanent Makeup, PMU, Microblading, Skincare, Restaurants, Catering, Cafeteria, Aesthetics, Piercing and other areas that require a hygienic environment. Quality approved mask, manufactured through rigorous research and tests to improve hygiene, comfort, and efficiency.

Feature & Benefits : Patented Utility & Design Technology Anti-fog and anti-bacterial coated shield Made with non-toxic, medical materials The mask is allergy-free Test result complies with the Specifications for polycarbonate polymers requirement stated in US FDA 21 CFR 177.1580 Each mask is durable and Recommend use for two weeks. Easy to maintain: Simply rinse with water and reuse.

Material: Poly-Carbonate 100% which is the same material as Baby Bottle.

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